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About Us

Lina Kanaan (Owner/Artistic Stylist) and Jerry Baboulas (Owner) are a couple who are extremely passionate about their clients health and transforming people's lives for the better. Lina, who has been in the hairstyling industry for 10 years, has an abundance of experience as a Senior Artistic Stylist as well as an Instructor. She will win you over with her funky trends, innovative cutting techniques and outgoing personality.

Jerry Baboulas (Owner) is very passionate about health. After his sister was diagnosed with Lyme disease four years ago, Jerry became determined to bring his knowledge of business and health to the hairstyling industry. Jerry and Lina aim to make people aware that there is a safer alternative - it's offered at Tranzitions Salon.

Stop putting beauty before your health and make the decision to transform your life for the better. Come to Tranzitions Salon where you are not only protecting your hair, but your health and are ensuring superior, luxurious, and enhanced results.

  • Lina and Jerry