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Fusion Hair Extensions

Fusion hair extensions are ideal for people that have limp, fine textured and short overly processed hair. The fusion extenions are done with chemical-free silicone glue that's fused to the roots of the hair. With good care an maintenance, they last around 6-8 months.

Fusion hair extensions come in 12", 14", 22" strands and are straight, wavy, curly, or super curly. They are made of 100% Real Remy hair, giving you a desired look for hair styles suitable to your natural hair texture.

Benefits of Fusion Hair Extensions

  • Chemical-free
  • No irritation to the scalp
  • No breakage
  • No falling of hair strands
  • No burning feeling
  • No pain

If you are interested in getting fusion hair extensions, please book an appointment for a consultation at Tranzitions Salon.

Feather Lock Extensions

Feather lock extensions are the new trend in hair extensions. They come in multiple colors, in long or thin strands of feathers. Feather lock extensions are made specifically with 100% real feathers and are suitable for all hair textures as well as colored hair.

Feather lock extensions are attached to the hair with a loop and a small strand of your natural hair connected to the root of the hair. They can be placed anywhere you'd like and can be re-attached by a professional hair stylist.

Benefits of Feather Lock Extensions

  • Chemical-free
  • No irritation or discomfort to the hair
  • Can be washed, flat ironed or curled

Feather lock extensions are amazing to have if people want a little bit of that funky change to their style. They last 4-6 months depending on the care of the feathers.

Clip-on Hair Extensions

Clip-on hair extensions are an easy method for long, full looking extensions that last only one day. They are ideal if you are going to a party or function and want something quick and easy.

Clip-on hair extensions are chemical-free and come in multiple colours, highlights, lengths, wavy, curly, straight hair that is all 100% Real Remy hair. With very good care, clip-on hair extensions last an incredible 8-12 months.

Benefits of Clip-on Hair Extensions

  • Easy to put on and take off yourself
  • Can be colored
  • No breakage
  • No irritation to the scalp
  • No pain

Tranzitions Salon offers the best natural looking, high-end quality hair extensions for our clients needs.