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Organic Curl Systems

  • Organic Curl Systems

Organic Curl System is a natural perming solution enhancing bouncy curls that is completely free of ammonia and thioglycolates. This system is very versatile in that it does not only do perming and relaxing techniques but straightening, root lift and weave wind as well. The Organic line has added a gentle ingredient in the Organic curl system which is Cysteamin HCL, this will leave your hair closer to its natural PH, so it's undamaged by the perming process and is suitable for all hair types.

When comparing Organic Curl Systems to other perming lines that contain harsh chemicals there is no camparison while this line has been made as natural as possible with plant derived active ingredients, rich in corn, soy and wheat proteins that help condition the hair without iritating the scalp or damaging the hair but instead leaving you with a luxirious look and beautiful shine. Certified Organic Anthemis Nobilis Flower Extract(Chammomile) is a wonderful added ingredient that helps to soothe the scalp during the perming process making it a wonderful experience.

Benefits of the Organic Curl System

  • No Alkaline Damage
  • Optimum Conditioning
  • Superb Curl Retention
  • Natural Healthy Bounce
  • Active Certified Organic Ingredient
  • Certified Organic Plant Extracts
  • Self Balancing, Optimized for Color
  • Perms up to 100% White Hair
  • True-to-Rod Curl
  • Low pH, No Ammonia
  • No Sodium Thioglycolates
  • No Ammonium Thioglycolates
  • No Sodium Hydroxide or Guanidine Hydroxide
  • No Lye, Lye Mixtures, or Lye Dirivitives

What the organic curl system is ideal for is adding curls to tame hair, relaxing naturally curly hair and straightening the hair. This is a remarkable line that does all this in one beautiful product offered only at Tranzitions Salon, so make that change and transform your life and your hair for the better.

  • Organic Curl Systems Organic Curl Systems
  • Organic Curl SystemsOrganic Curl Systems