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Zerran Reform Natural Hair Straightening System

Tranzitions Salon is proud to introduce to its clientele another truly amazing line, the Zerran Reform Natural Hair Straightening System; 100% vegan, free of harsh chemicals, formaldehyde and aldehyde free and 100% Canadian.

The reform system has a gentle formula that allows reprocessing from root to tip without breakage. This can be done without any concerns to your health and the health of your hair because the Reform system contains no thioglycolates, sodium hydroxide and aldehydes/formaldehyde that will over process your hair making it look weak, thin and brittle by re-exposing yourself to these harsh chemicals that are in other big named relaxing lines.

Nevertheless, the Zerran Reform line is truly amazing as it's safe and easy to use, has no objectionable odours, scented with natural essential oils and safe for all hair types including resistant hair.

It's time to stop sacrificing your health for beauty. With the Zerran Reform Natural Hair Straightening System all those chemical relaxers are the thing of the past. At Tranzitions Salon we are the future because we care about your health.

  • Zerran Reform
  • Zerran Reform